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We are currently transitioning our goat herd from a Boer Goat based enterprise to dairy (LaMancha Goats). We have procured several kids from some of the worlds best breeding stock. I will update this page as this transition proceeds. Below is a picture of our new heard sire (Max) at one month of age. All our kids are raised on the CAE prevention program of heat treated colostrum and pasteurized milk. Each kid is checked several times a day to ensure no health issues arise. All are vaccinated on a regular schedule and put on a coccidia prevention program starting at 3 weeks of age. We rotate pastures and practice a proactive battle against parasites and only worm as needed. All of our LaMancha goats are checked on a regular schedule using several methods for parasite prevention. Easy to handle goats: We promise that all goats sold will be used to being handled and most were bottle fed from day one. Excellence in customer service: We will help you get set up, teach you how to milk, and be there if you need us along the way. Affordable pricing: Our goal is not to make a large profit, but rather to help the goat kids get a great start in life and get as many people interesting in raising goats and self sufficiency.